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Desktop App

The desktop app gives 24/7 access anywhere there is an internet connection.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration couldn’t be any easier with conferencing and team messaging.

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Setup is handled by the experts. So, kick back and let us do the work for you.


Save 20% or more with all-inclusive monthly pricing from a single provider.


Services We Can Help You With

Call Management

RF VoIP works with you to design and implement your phone system with these features.

Voicemail & Greetings

Want a professional greeting, RF VoIP understands this and helps you create the best solution.

Apps & Integration

RF VoIP takes away the hassle of managing a phone system and lets you focus on your business.

RF Pricing

With RF VoIP you get all the benefits and features with a dedicated team to custom design your business needs.

Unlimited Calling*

All Standard Features Included

Specialized RF Support Team


$ 50

/ line per month

Unlimited Users

1 Main Number

1 Emergency Location

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Call Hold

Quickly move to another call & back!

What Is Call Hold

Hold calls easily. All supported phones come with the ability to place a call on hold. Simply find the hold button on your phone and your caller will remain on the line.

How Call Hold Works

When placing a caller on hold you can utilize Music on Hold to entertain and inform your caller until you are ready to resume the call.

Why You’ll Like Call Hold

Hold calls or find information while a caller waits

You can answer multiple calls and wait to start a conversation when you are ready

Call Queue

Professionally manage your incoming calls!

What Is Call Queue

Call Queues are a virtual waiting room offering your callers the option of remaining on the phone while they wait for a representative to answer. They help businesses manage large call volumes with limited staff.

How Call Queue Works

Apply a Call Queue to a specific extension and setup the queue using the options and messaging prompts that will direct callers to the appropriate agent. Static agents are assigned to a queue and dynamic agents can log in or out of the queue. When callers dial in, they are taken through a sequence until their call is answered by an agent.

Why You’ll Like Call Queue

Manage large call volume with limited staff.

Present an engaging, professional experience for callers.

Cut down on missed calls and voicemails.

Customize queues with call tags to drive specific inquiries.

Add a Call Queue to support sales, customer service or tech support.

Promote marketing campaigns within the queue.

Call Recording

Record calls when you want or for departments!

What Is Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for specific departments or individuals. Alternatively with On-Demand recording this lets your employees decide when to record calls. Every recording is archived for 30 days and can easily be accessed from the User Control Panel.

How Call Recording Works

Determine the recording parameters and from there the recording is automatic for departments or individuals. With On-Demand recording users can quickly start and stop recording calls or record all calls. Recordings can be downloaded from the User Control Panel.

Why You’ll Like Call Recording

Call recording can help management train employees and evaluate performance

Keeping important conversations on file can help protect the organization

Recordings are archived for 30 days; additional storage available

Recordings are easily accessible and can be downloaded

Conference Room

Enable multiple people to connect on the same call!

What Is Conference Room

The Conference Room is a single extension number that your users can dial so that they can talk to each other in a conference call. It also creates a destination to which your callers so that they can participate in the conference call.

How Conference Room Works

A Conference Room is a basic business tool to help collaboration and meetings go on. Conference Rooms can be accessed by a dedicated inbound number or the Virtual Receptionist, along with an associated password to let participants join. For the moderator, controlling the experience is easy with they feature codes. It’s easy and convenient whether you’re planning a conference meeting in advance or pulling your team together on the fly. The Conference Room makes it happen!

Why You’ll Like Conference Room

Host many participants at one time

Password protected for the caller and moderator

Hold sales trainings, customer training, etc. using your RF VoIP System without needing a third-party conferencing system.

Great way to connect employees who work from different locations

Utilizing RF VoIP services to host a conference, you’re creating a private environment for your attendees

Shared Line Appearance

Share a phone number across multiple devices!

What Is Shared Line Appearance

Share the same phone number across multiple phones. This is ideal for retail, restaurants, grocery and mid-size businesses. Incoming calls can be answered from any of the phones. All outbound calls will show the same number.

How Shared Line Appearance Works

Extensions are placed into a Ring Group. When the number is called all the phones in the Ring Group ring and the call can be answered from any of them.

Why You’ll Like Shared Line Appearance

Better meet customer expectations and cut down on missed calls

Increase call visibility and teamwork across your organization

Provide more call-handling options to enhance service and streamline operations

Follow Me

Have your calls come with you!

What Is Follow Me

Follow Me is a call following feature for the business professionals who find themselves out of the office, but need to stay connected at all times of the day.

How Follow Me Works

Follow Me forwards calls from one phone to another. Access your call following service through the User Control Panel. You can customize your phone to follow you by ringing on different numbers.

Why You’ll Like Follow Me

You’ll maximize your availability for every call

You can keep your phones and devices ringing until the call reaches you

You can customize your call Follow Me settings from the User Control Panel

Learning how to forward calls from one phone to another is simple

Music on Hold

A better waiting experience for your callers!

What Is Music on Hold

The Music on Hold feature is a pleasant way to show your callers that you are a professional company which has customers’ best interest at heart.

How Music on Hold Works

Included with every account are five standard hold music options. Want to change the hold music? That’s simple, just send RF VoIP your custom hold music and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Why You’ll Like Music on Hold

Create a premiere and pleasant on-hold experience

Send your customized on-hold music to RF VoIP

Callers still feel connected to the line, even on hold

User Control Panel

Manage your extension, made easy!

What Is User Control Panel

A powerful way to manage your individual settings. Employees have access to change their extension-specific settings, plus a company director.

How User Control Panel Works

All the settings are clearly marked and explained, putting the controls to manage extension settings in your hands. If you do run into any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable RF Support Team is always willing to help at no charge.

Why You’ll Like User Control Panel

Customize your business phone extension-specific settings

Review your voicemails, make calls or chat with team members

Virtual Receptionist

Customized call routing for exceptional customer service!

What Is Virtual Receptionist

A sophisticated automated attendant service with a menu of pathways routing your callers to the appropriate department or individual for a streamlined experience. Our Virtual Receptionist gives you the flexibility to customize your call routing for holidays, lunchtimes or even after hours call.

How Virtual Receptionist Works

The Virtual Receptionist provides each caller with a variety of options that allow them to reach specific departments. They can dial by name using the company directory or dial by extensions. Then the caller is routed through to the extension of their choice.

Why You’ll Like Virtual Receptionist

Have many Virtual Receptionist to create a robust phone menu system

Cut down on call clutter by getting callers to the right place

Give your customers a professional experience every time they call

Have your Virtual Receptionist greetings and options recorded for you by the RF Team


Customize greetings and check messages from anywhere!

What Is Voicemail

Each extension comes with its own voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages. You can check messages from your phone or the User Control Panel. The voicemail box can send emails, as well as play different messages for different calls and when you are out of the office.

How Voicemail Works

You can chose from four customizable voicemail greetings:

Unavailable Greeting: This greeting will play if you do not answer your phone, either because you are out of the office or when you are on a call and the second line on your phone rings.

Name Greeting: This greeting will only play if your voicemail account is configured with a dial-by-name directory. What this means is that callers can reach an extension by dialing the first few letters of the first or last name. The directory is configured through the Virtual Receptionist. When callers enter your name, this name greeting will play to ensure them they have dialed correctly.

Busy Greeting: This greeting will play when a call comes in and you are currently on the phone.

Temporary Greeting: This greeting will always be played in place of the “unavailable” or “busy” greeting. This could be used if your are going on vacation or will be out of the office for a while and want to inform people not to expect a return call anytime soon.

Why You’ll Like Voicemail

Customize your business voicemail greeting

Easily change your greetings as needed from the User Control Panel

Each extension receives it’s own unique business voicemail box

Call Park

Park calls and retrieve from any phone!

What Is Call Park

Call Park allows users to park a call at an extension that multiple users can access instead of simply transferring a call to one specific end user.

How Call Park Works

Call Park allows a user to park a call at an extension so that any member can retrieve it. The standard Call Park feature only allows of a single parking lot available to all phones, while the Parking Pro feature allows multiple parking lots which is useful for multiple departments.

Why You’ll Like Call Park

Maintain a professional presence from wherever you’re working

Works well for business that have departments that share call responsbilities

Allows your company to better distribute calls based on availability

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail conveniently in your email inbox!

What Is Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email is an efficient feature that allows you to listen to voicemail messages from the computer or phone, with recordings conveniently delivered to your email inbox. You can’t always access your voicemails in the office or even know when a voicemail is waiting, but with Voicemail to Email you’re notified by email with a clickable recording you can play on the spot. With Voicemail to Email there’s no reason to miss a voicemail.

How Voicemail to Email Works

When a voicemail message is received on your extension an email notification is sent to the pre-selected email inbox of your choice. Attache to the email i a recording of the voicemail, which you can easily play on your computer.

Why You’ll Like Voicemail to Email

Voicemail recordings are automatically emails to your email inbox

Employees can easily save voicemail audio files to a folder on their computer

Recordings are easy to review and control playback of specific parts of a message

User can control and specify where they’ll receive emails via the User Control Panel

Voicemails are saved on the system for 30 days, you can always download them to your computer

Ring Groups

Calls can ring on multiple extensions at once!

What Is Ring Groups

Companies with sales teams, customer support teams, or any other departments that field calls collectively can benefit from Ring Groups. Ring Groups have an extension number for routing withing the system.

How Ring Groups Work

Ring Groups allow callers to contact entire departments within your organization at one time. Once the Ring Group is setup, incoming calls will ring on all extensions in the group simultaneously.

Why You’ll Like Ring Groups

Ensure that an important call is never missed

Easily create virtual departments

Custom Call Tagging

Easily identify the origin of incoming calls!

What Is Custom Call Tagging

Custom Call Tagging is a feature that allows users to see a unique call tag to distinguish incoming calls. The RF Team can setup this up easily for you.

How Custom Call Tagging Works

Custom Call Tagging can be applied to your company number for inbound calls or Ring Groups.

Why You’ll Like Custom Call Tagging

Easily identify the origin of the incoming call

Add a tag to distinguish incoming calls from various departments

Ensure calls are answered with the appropriate response

Desktop App

The ultimate collaboration and productivity tool!

What Is Zulu

Zulu UC is the Dektop App that allows you to use your RF VoIP Service from your computer. Make calls, chat with colleagues, or send text from the Zulu UC integrated softphone. View your contact history with clients, see missed calls, and listen to voicemail from an all in one easy-to-use interface. It’s almost like a softphone app, but better!

How Zulu Works

The Desktop App integrates your RF System functionality seamlessly onto your computer for Windows, Max OSX, and Linux users. Use Zulu UC with either a headset or your laptop’s built-in microphone and speaker, and you can even view the presence of other colleagues.

Why You’ll Zulu

Start making and receiving calls in just a few hours after purchasing a RF VoIP phone system with the app and User Control Panel

Send and receive text message and calls to any U.S. number using your RF VoIP number (Data charges may apply)

Chat with one or multiple colleagues with group messaging

View presence of your colleagues

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