Call Management

Business Phone System Features You’ll Love

Whatever your business requires, our suite of features can handle it, allowing your employees to work more productively, from virtually anywhere, and your customers to communicate to you more easily.

Present a Professional Image

Calls are your most valuable customer touch points. Welcome them with a professional greeting.

Easily Receive & Manage Calls

Inbound calls seamlessly route to your phones, remote workers, or the voicemail of your choice.


Extensions create flexible structure to incorporate employees, where they are.

Virtual Receptionist

Streamline efficiency with a flexible phone menu that connects your callers.

Call Forwarding

Identify the origin of incoming calls by adding a unique tag.

Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for individual users or for departments.

Call Logs

See detailed inbound and outbound call records per extension.

Follow Me

Forward calls to multiple extensions at once and have them ring simultaneously.

Call Hold

Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call.

Call Queue

Offer callers the option of remaining on the phone while they wait for a representative.

Call Park

Park a call in a spot to be retrieved after a minute or by another extension.

Ring Groups

Forward calls to multiple extensions at once and have them ring simultaneously.

Conference Room

Get connected instantly in an audio conference call with local dial-in support.

Shared Line Appearance

Monitor the extensions of others across multiple phones and answer calls.

Custom Call Tagging

Identify the origin of incoming calls by adding a unique tag.

Busy Lamp Field

Indicate which phones are in use by displaying a status on your phone display.

Intercom Group

Broadcast an announcement to your entire team or just those you’ve selected.


Extensions for individuals across many devices and locations!

What Is Extensions

Extensions allow you to connect with colleagues, no matter where they are. An extension can be used on different phones (e.g., desk phone at work, desk phone at home, softphone on your smartphone or laptop). This would allow you to use the same number, voicemail, and extension for all registered phones.

How Extensions Work

VoIP allows businesses to extend their phone system’s reach far beyond the walls of their brick and mortar location. VoIP Phones work by registering their unique IP addresses with the system each time they are plugged in. As long as the phone is connected to the Internet, it can be located by the RF System, and thus receive calls at the appropriate extension number. Now, with multiple devices on One Extension, each extension can register register different IP addresses to connect a call.

Why You’ll Like Extensions

Convenient way to reach colleagues

With Multi-Extension no more plugging and unplugging the phone

Multi-Extension truly allows work from anywhere you have Internet

Virtual Receptionist

Customized call routing for exceptional customer service!

What Is Virtual Receptionist

A sophisticated automated attendant service with a menu of pathways routing your callers to the appropriate department or individual for a streamlined experience. Our Virtual Receptionist gives you the flexibility to customize your call routing for holidays, lunchtimes or even after hours call.

How Virtual Receptionist Works

The Virtual Receptionist provides each caller with a variety of options that allow them to reach specific departments. They can dial by name using the company directory or dial by extensions. Then the caller is routed through to the extension of their choice.

Why You’ll Like Virtual Receptionist

Have many Virtual Receptionist to create a robust phone menu system

Cut down on call clutter by getting callers to the right place

Give your customers a professional experience every time they call

Have your Virtual Receptionist greetings and options recorded for you by the RF Team

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to stay connected!

What Is Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is a powerful feature that helps you and your employees stay connected. Many employees need to step out or travel from time to time, and call forwarding helps them stay in touch when they are out of the office. Forward calls to a mobile number so you won’t miss business calls when you’re away from the desk.

How Call Forwarding Works

The Call Forwarding feature for every employee can be easily controlled from the User Control Panel.

Why You’ll Like Call Forwarding

Easy to setup and even easier to use

Cut down on missed calls when you’re away

Manage call forwarding anytime from your User Control Panel

Easily direct how you forward calls when you’re away from your desk

Call Recording

Record calls when you want or for departments!

What Is Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for specific departments or individuals. Alternatively with On-Demand recording this lets your employees decide when to record calls. Every recording is archived for 30 days and can easily be accessed from the User Control Panel.

How Call Recording Works

Determine the recording parameters and from there the recording is automatic for departments or individuals. With On-Demand recording users can quickly start and stop recording calls or record all calls. Recordings can be downloaded from the User Control Panel.

Why You’ll Like Call Recording

Call recording can help management train employees and evaluate performance

Keeping important conversations on file can help protect the organization

Recordings are archived for 30 days; additional storage available

Recordings are easily accessible and can be downloaded

Call Logs

Detailed call records per extension!

What Is Call Logs

Call Logs allow access to detailed call records by extension. You can view these reports on the User Control Panel.

How Call Logs Works

It’s easy to use the Call Logs feature, just log into your User Control Panel and view the logs from there. You can even search for specific numbers. If you require a detailed report just contact the RF Team and we can send you an Excel document.

Why You’ll Like Call Logs

View the direct of a call

View call activity from an extension

Track the duration of a call

Make sure that your phones are being used appropriately

Follow Me

Have your calls come with you!

What Is Follow Me

Follow Me is a call following feature for the business professionals who find themselves out of the office, but need to stay connected at all times of the day.

How Follow Me Works

Follow Me forwards calls from one phone to another. Access your call following service through the User Control Panel. You can customize your phone to follow you by ringing on different numbers.

Why You’ll Like Follow Me

You’ll maximize your availability for every call

You can keep your phones and devices ringing until the call reaches you

You can customize your call Follow Me settings from the User Control Panel

Learning how to forward calls from one phone to another is simple

Call Hold

Quickly move to another call & back!

What Is Call Hold

Hold calls easily. All supported phones come with the ability to place a call on hold. Simply find the hold button on your phone and your caller will remain on the line.

How Call Hold Works

When placing a caller on hold you can utilize Music on Hold to entertain and inform your caller until you are ready to resume the call.

Why You’ll Like Call Hold

Hold calls or find information while a caller waits

You can answer multiple calls and wait to start a conversation when you are ready

Call Queue

Professionally manage your incoming calls!

What Is Call Queue

Call Queues are a virtual waiting room offering your callers the option of remaining on the phone while they wait for a representative to answer. They help businesses manage large call volumes with limited staff.

How Call Queue Works

Apply a Call Queue to a specific extension and setup the queue using the options and messaging prompts that will direct callers to the appropriate agent. Static agents are assigned to a queue and dynamic agents can log in or out of the queue. When callers dial in, they are taken through a sequence until their call is answered by an agent.

Why You’ll Like Call Queue

Manage large call volume with limited staff

Present an engaging, professional experience for callers

Cut down on missed calls and voicemails

Customize queues with call tags to drive specific inquiries

Add a Call Queue to support sales, customer service or tech support

Promote marketing campaigns within the queue

Call Park

Park calls and retrieve from any phone!

What Is Call Park

Call Park allows users to park a call at an extension that multiple users can access instead of simply transferring a call to one specific end user.

How Call Park Works

Call Park allows a user to park a call at an extension so that any member can retrieve it. The standard Call Park feature only allows of a single parking lot available to all phones, while the Parking Pro feature allows multiple parking lots which is useful for multiple departments.

Why You’ll Like Call Park

Maintain a professional presence from wherever you’re working

Works well for business that have departments that share call responsbilities

Allows your company to better distribute calls based on availability

Ring Groups

Calls can ring on multiple extensions at once!

What Is Ring Groups

Companies with sales teams, customer support teams, or any other departments that field calls collectively can benefit from Ring Groups. Ring Groups have an extension number for routing withing the system.

How Ring Groups Work

Ring Groups allow callers to contact entire departments within your organization at one time. Once the Ring Group is setup, incoming calls will ring on all extensions in the group simultaneously.

Why You’ll Like Ring Groups

Ensure that an important call is never missed

Easily create virtual departments

Conference Room

Enable multiple people to connect on the same call!

What Is Conference Room

The Conference Room is a single extension number that your users can dial so that they can talk to each other in a conference call. It also creates a destination to which your callers so that they can participate in the conference call.

How Conference Room Works

A Conference Room is a basic business tool to help collaboration and meetings go on. Conference Rooms can be accessed by a dedicated inbound number or the Virtual Receptionist, along with an associated password to let participants join. For the moderator, controlling the experience is easy with they feature codes. It’s easy and convenient whether you’re planning a conference meeting in advance or pulling your team together on the fly. The Conference Room makes it happen!

Why You’ll Like Conference Room

Host many participants at one time

Password protected for the caller and moderator

Hold sales trainings, customer training, etc. using your RF VoIP System without needing a third-party conferencing system

Great way to connect employees who work from different locations

Utilizing RF VoIP services to host a conference, you’re creating a private environment for your attendees

Shared Line Appearance

Share a phone number across multiple devices!

What Is Shared Line Appearance

If your office thrives on teamwork, then Shared Line Appearance gives your team an additional boost. Shared Line Appearance allows employees to monitor the phones of other users and also lets them pick up or park those calls as desired.

How Shared Line Appearance Works

Shared Line Appearance can help sales organizations, enabling a rep to answer calls when their colleagues are away or putting them on hold for another rep to pick up, by simply pressing the extension number on their own phone. Administrative assistants use this feature to monitor the boss’s extension and answer calls on his or her behalf. Receptionist use it to monitor employee calls and answer, park or transfer them on the employee’s behalf.

Why You’ll Like Shared Line Appearance

Better meet customer expectations and cut down on missed calls

Increase call visibility and teamwork across your organization

Provide more call-handling options to enhance service and streamline operations

Custom Call Tagging

Easily identify the origin of incoming calls!

What Is Custom Call Tagging

Custom Call Tagging is a feature that allows users to see a unique call tag to distinguish incoming calls. The RF Team can setup this up easily for you.

How Custom Call Tagging Works

Custom Call Tagging can be applied to your company number for inbound calls or Ring Groups.

Why You’ll Like Custom Call Tagging

Easily identify the origin of the incoming call

Add a tag to distinguish incoming calls from various departments

Ensure calls are answered with the appropriate response

Busy Lamp Field

A status indication for each phone!

What Is Busy Lamp Field

This feature indicated which phones are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each Busy Lamp Field on your phone also acts as a speed dial.

How Busy Lamp Field Works

Busy Lamp Field allows you to display the phone status of other extensions on your phone, such as idle, ringing or on a call. Each Busy Lamp Field key on your phone also acts as a speed dial, allowing you to press that key to dial the corresponding extension.

Why You’ll Like Busy Lamp Field

Increase phone system visibility and keep office communications flowing

See the phone status of each employee on your phone display

Use your Busy Lamp Field keys to speed dial employees

It’s another way to streamline the flow of communications and serve customers better

Intercom Group

Broadcast an announcement to your entire team!

What Is Intercom Group

This feature allows you to page a group of extensions and broadcast a message. It can also be used as an instant conference between your extensions.

How Intercom Group Works

The Intercom Group is a simple feature that allows you to dial an extension to broadcast a message. Assign extensions to the group and broadcast message per department. The RF Team can even turn this into an instant conference bridge, allowing all phones to able to talk and be heard.

Why You’ll Like Intercom Group

Save yourself time, efficiently broadcast announcements or emergency alerts to everyone or just those groups you have selected

Save yourself money, use your phone to provide an intercom system – avoid the additional cost of installing a separate overhead intercom system

Save yourself aggravation, let your employees know a parked call is waiting for them

Why create a conference bridge, when you can instantly page the group

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